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Are you ready to step into your sexual power and build deeper intimacy in your relationship?

Do you want to feel more physically connected to your partner so you can reignite the passion?

Client Love

“This past winter was a difficult one for me personally. I had a lot of emptiness, confusion, and wandering in my heart, and I was looking for answers. I got an email about Jocelyn’s 12-week feminine embodiment coaching, and I just knew that it would lead to the answers I needed. Actually, I didn’t even know what the questions were, but I knew that I trusted Jocelyn and that she would know. She exudes competence and intuitiveness, so I knew I was in good hands.

During that 12 weeks, I learned how to listen to my body to a degree that I never have before (even though every yoga class I’ve been to claims to teach it). I learned how to center myself, ground down, and address what my body was pleading for. I learned how to soften, to dream, to feed my spirit. Jocelyn gave me the tools that opened up an entirely new stage of life for me, one that is grounded and embodied in the divine feminine. I’m truly grateful to Jocelyn and am so elated that I got this opportunity.”

-Annie H.

Relieve unwanted stress, clear energetic blocks, attune the nervous system to find safety and ease, become receptive, and learn to fully surrender your longing heart.

Blending various psychological concepts, meditation, breath practice, touch, and movement – this work will awaken your Feminine Heart.

feminine embodiment coach

Complete transformation

Confidence and trust in your intuition

Feel sexy and appreciation for your body

Embody the feminine longing in your heart

Learn to fully surrender, soften, and receive your lover’s masculine gifts

Build intimacy with sexual polarity



To work with me in my 12-week coaching program, send an email directly to to schedule a discovery call. Then complete the questionnaire located on the top menu of this page.

5 aspects of opening the body to build intimacy






the Breath

When we want to develop deeper intimacy in our relationship, we must first build intimacy with our own body and we do this through the sensations of the breath.

As we practice together, the breath is our anchor into sensation, pleasure, joy, and grief.

When you come into the sensation of the breath you invite your body to soften. This softening opens your body in receptivity. It is in this state of receptivity that the intimacy and passion that you long for can be felt.

Learn to ride the exhale and be filled by the inhale. To find pleasure in the sensations of the breath as it moves through you and moves your body open into receptivity and surrender. I will teach you to use the breath as a vessel to go into the untouched parts of you, the places where you are energetically blocked, and open them, allowing the blocks to be released so that you can be filled with love.

the Mind

We will transform your inner voice from critical and authoritative to loving, supportive, and kind.

You will gain fluency in the language of your body and learn to quiet the left/logical brain and relax into the right, intuitive brain where you can open in receptivity, creativity, and surrender.

I will teach you to let go of the mental projections of desire and wanting so that you can surrender to the longing in your heart, building intimacy in yourself. First, you build this, then you bring the energy to your partner, creating sexual polarity that will magnetize you to each other.

the Voice

Many of us lost our free expression very young. Maybe someone important scolded you for speaking, told you that you had a terrible voice, or made you feel unheard/unacknowledged. If this sounds familiar, there may be a block in your throat chakra. The throat chakra is where you express the true authenticity of who you are.

When the throat chakra is blocked it not only blocks you from speaking your truth, it keeps you from expressing your truth through the physical and energetic body. It is in this expression of the body that our longing and surrender in sexual intimacy can be felt. 

We will connect to the sensations in the throat, play with making sound, and gradually allow the vibrations to free you. This is subconscious, somatic work that takes time and commitment. We will gently approach this aspect when your body is ready.

the Heart

By opening our hearts, we allow ourselves to feel grief, joy, and passion. In order to build intimacy with yourself and your partner, you must awaken the sensation of your longing.  Then, you can open your heart to be felt and received in its true authenticity.

When the longing in your heart is open, vulnerable, and surrendered, you become the gift of the feminine goddess. It is here that your partner can offer his masculine gifts, creating the polarity that draws you together to build intimacy.

the Womb

This is our power of creation. What motivates, inspires, and overrides us when we’ve pushed ourselves too hard. Many women resent their menstruation for causing so much pain and inconvenience. But when we are disconnected from our womb, she speaks to us with fire, commanding our attention.

I will teach you to live in sync with your lunar cycle and connect with all of your inner seasons. Through this, you will develop deeper self-awareness, self-love, confidence, and trust in your body.

The Cervix

Deep penetration during sex is not supposed to be painful. On the contrary, it can feel incredibly pleasurable. It is actually what leads to building a cervical orgasm. But we cannot experience this with tension keeping the cervix hard. So I will teach you how to soften your cervix through mindful yoni massage and breath practice.

Releasing this tension is important for building intimacy because there are so many unknown, unexpressed emotions locked up inside.

As your cervix gradually releases, you will notice a shift in your energetic field. You will feel lighter, more open, and more vulnerable. The results are unique to each person, but powerful work that is done mindfully and with care.

**This work is done gradually with deep awareness and care. We will move into each aspect as your energetic body becomes ready and opens at its own pace.

self intimacy

To work with me in my 12-week mentorship program, send an email directly to to schedule a discovery call. Then complete the questionnaire located on the top menu of this page.

Client Love

Even from my very first session with Jocelyn, I had a huge ‘Aha- moment’ that has continued to bring me insight and healing. Jocelyn's ability to guide me through my emotional, physical, and creative landscape and to bring awareness to how each part of myself weaves together was deeply activating and meaningful! I’m still continuing to source creative inspiration and greater capacity to follow through on my inspirations from Jocelyns' offerings. I recommend her to anyone seeking greater self-awareness, self-healing, and creative authenticity in their lives!


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