Building a relationship with the Divine Feminine leads to deeper self-love, trust, and magnetism.

What are the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

To begin with, eliminate any ideas that come from society’s concept of the masculine and feminine. The feminine and masculine are what make us whole humans in a dualistic world. They are not what distinguishes women from men, but are yin and yang, polar energies at play. Think of creation and harmony in the universe. Regardless of gender, they are both within all of us. One cannot exist without the other. 

The divine masculine is the part of us that accesses action, focus, drive, structure, logic, critical thinking, and objectivity. It is assertive and competitive, takes risks, and fights the good fight.

These are traits that all humans embody but since the patriarch, have dominated the world in a toxic form. Subsequently, this has put us out of balance.

The divine feminine brings balance and harmony to life. It is the embodiment of feeling, nurturing, compassion, receptivity, healing, intuition, connection, love, support, patience, forgiveness, creativity, wisdom, and reflection.

Unfortunately, for centuries, these traits have been undervalued and deemed worthless, inconvenient, weak, and inferior.

As a society, we have developed an obstructed view of the masculine and feminine with an excessive focus on success and winning. This has created resistance for some and conformity for others. Whether we embrace the expectations put upon us or reject them, both are detrimental to living our true heart’s purpose. 

feminine woman

Why Most Women Are Not Embodying the Divine Feminine

Cisgender individuals naturally tend to tilt more toward one of these energies, but the patriarch has thrown us off balance. Since I am a cisgender woman I will speak from my experience. To return to our natural balance, we need to get in touch with both energies. Explore how they come up in our lives and how we embody them. 

Women living in a patriarchial world and working to be treated equally have had to take on a masculine role. This has become full-time work for many women, suppressing their natural feminine essence, and bringing about shame, resistance, and judgment. 

Growing up, I did not have a model of a woman fully embodied, expressing her divine feminine nature. It is rare for women in my generation and older to have had that. Undoubtedly, this leaves us lacking awareness of what being in one’s fullest expression of love and confidence looked like. Without guidance on how to embody her energy, we suppress, cage, and tuck her away.

Embodying the divine feminine is freeing your true essence so that you can vulnerably be seen, felt, and received.


Reviving Your Feminine Energy

Embodying the divine feminine is allowing every part of ourselves to rise to the surface. It is allowing the sensation of the body to be seen, felt, and experienced. This requires slowing down from the masculine-driven pace which has become our autopilot. Getting out of the logical mind and dropping into the heart and womb is where the feminine comes alive.

To invite the soft receptivity that is the feminine, we must begin to feel. Regardless of which feelings, it is important to feel it all! Rather than escaping from challenging feelings that come up, stay with them, listen, and be open to the creative forces that move through the body. 

This is an individualized journey, there is no one-size-fits-all in the divine feminine. She is a flow of wonder, love, surrender, and receptivity; an exploration of being rather than doing. 

I have found that many women are beginning to hear the call of the divine feminine. When we start to listen, the doors begin to open and she welcomes us into her world. But it takes work to deprogram from the patriarch and the toxic masculine and feminine that we have grown accustomed to. 

I have been drawn into this work and guided to teach women like me to embody this energy more fully. Collectively we can make a difference in this world and bring it back into balance. All it takes is the courage to feel and surrender.