The feminine is everything that is alive in the world.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is the pulse and mysteries of life and love in this world. She is love, movement, and connection through engaging with life.

The feminine awakens compassion, vulnerability, nurturing, creativity, and sensuality. She is trusting and surrenders to the power of the universe.

In a patriarchal world, women have to compete with men to be seen as equal in success. It has become a life based only on what one has and what one can show for themself. Unfortunately, this programs society to forget about the feminine aspects that make us whole humans.  

What Does it Mean to Embody Feminine Energy?

Embodying feminine energy allows us to experience sensation in the body without resistance, and be moved by it.

When we are embodied we surrender to the feelings that arise. Michaela Boehm, an educator in intimacy, relationships, and sexuality, describes embodiment as “coming back to the body” in the sense that we are actually aware of what is happening in our body.

When we feel the ache of desire in our hearts we allow vulnerability to arise. We allow the sensation to flow through our entire bodies while staying curious. This flow of energy is wisdom. So when we embody feminine energy we listen and receive her wisdom and guidance.

Additionally, when we embody feminine energy we establish communication, understanding, and empathy, helping us to work better in groups and teams.

Feminine energy allows us to tap into the most vulnerable parts of ourselves that feel and express emotions. In turn, this expression comes through creativity, intuition, and courage.

feminine energy

How Do I Know if My Feminine Energy is Blocked?

Having an idea of where you are blocked in receiving and expressing feminine energy can help guide you. Because we are programmed in the logical mind, when we hear the call of the feminine we can get lost on where to begin our work.

 When you notice yourself doing the following, slow down and see if you can try something new.

    • You struggle to receive compliments, intimacy, help, or gifts because you think you have to reciprocate
    • Being in control is important to you; you struggle to be flexible
    • It’s difficult to trust your intuition
    • You rarely spend time in nature
    • Independence is a strong characteristic
    • There is little or no time for play in your life
    • Self-care is not a priority
    • Emotions are difficult to express or nonexistent
    • You ignore sensations in your body
    • Competition and success drive your behaviors
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5 Practices to Reconnect to Your Feminine Energy

Feminine Rituals

Ritual is a sacred act, behavior, or service that is performed the same way each time. Sobonfu Some, named Keeper of Rituals, expresses ritual as “waking up to and welcoming ourselves.” She continues, “Ritual is important to give ourselves a sense of being, a sense of importance, to connect with one another, the earth, and with all the different elements in our lives. Ritual is to our soul what food is to our body.”

A ritual is something that you commit to doing regularly, like a morning ritual. So here are some rituals to support you in receiving feminine energy:

    • A warm bath with candlelight, Epsom salts and essential oils
    • Create a beautiful altar or sacred space in your home with things you like (candles, sage, crystals, silk, and elements of nature. Here you can meditate, journal, or communicate with your ancestors and higher guides
    • Practice embodied movement, yoga, or dance
    • Daily or weekly intentional rest
    • Spend time in nature daily or weekly

Prioritize Touch

Get monthly massages or bodywork, and give and receive hugs to all of the people in your life. Touch is so important for healthy hormones and feeling joy and ease in our life, as well as reducing stress. 

If touch is difficult for you, this can be an incredibly powerful practice. Let your hugs linger. If you need to make a joke about it then do so. I usually say, “I’m not done yet” and let out a little giggle as they hug me a little tighter. If you feel called to touch someone’s arm or shoulder when walking together or feeling empathy, allow your hand to stay put. Notice if there is tension in your hand or in your body. If you notice a need to pull away, then lean into it. Breathe into your belly and literally, lean in.

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Play requires letting go of all judgments and the need for perfection. When we play we allow ourselves to be messy. Being messy means making mistakes, willing to do something badly or “wrong,” getting your hands and feet dirty. This is where our creativity reveals itself. When we play there are no rules, only chaos and possibilities. Play gives us the opportunity to work with receiving from within. Receiving new ideas to arise without boundaries.

Play can include learning how to play a new instrument or taking voice lessons. Learning new games, taking art classes, going to a trampoline center, and throwing yourself into foam pits. Feel into your child self. What seems silly? What will make you laugh, even out of embarrassment?

Affirmations and Mantras

If you need help finding supportive mantras, just google what you feel. Write them on a piece of paper and put them on your walls where you can see them. Write how brave and beautiful you are and put it on your bathroom mirror. Then say it out loud every time you look in the mirror.

Eventually, you will begin to receive new affirmations. Supportive words will flow into your mind, and when that happens, write them down and put them up on new pieces of paper. Continue to write down affirmations as they come to you.

Breast Massage

Breast massage softens the space around your heart to support you in receiving love. Also, breast massage is incredibly healing in moving lymph through the armpit which helps prevent breast cancer. Here is my YouTube video tutorial on how to massage your breasts.

Apart from the incredible healing benefits of breast massage, it additionally increases sensitivity in your breasts and nipples. It opens up the energetic channels to your heart helping you to become more receptive to the feelings and sensations that arise in your body. When you have opened your heart in this way it creates space for more movement and flow of other feelings and sensations.

Enjoy your journey into the feminine. And if you need any support along the way click here to learn more about working with me.