Why is Breast Massage Important

Our breasts are the doorway to our hearts. They are where we open in confidence or cave in when stressed, worried, or afraid. Called the Bells of Love by the Ancient Taoists, this is where our love shines through. So offering ourselves breast massage opens our heart channel making us more available to love and compassion.

A Zen feminine mystique once said, “Attention is Love.” Therefore, when we give our breasts attention we offer ourselves love. In addition, we feel empowered and embodied. Touching ourselves as if being touched by a lover is the ultimate love you can offer to yourself.

Free Your Breasts

In a masculine world, it can be easy to forget about breast care or ignore our breasts completely. Women see them as an inconvenience and they tend to be the first things we criticize about ourselves. All of this judgment places tension on the pecs and closes the heart space.

So let your breast be free. Feel them. Allow them to be as they are. When you are home, take off your bra and let the fascia (skin) build strength by making it work to hold your breasts up. Let the tension melt away from the day by letting your breasts hang out. Generally, give them a good shake every once in a while to clear the energy.

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Benefits of Breast Massage

Because your breasts are connected to your heart center as you offer them attention through breast massage, you deepen your self-love. In addition, you accept and love your breasts exactly the way they are, including the way they look and feel.

Other added benefits include:

        • Balances your hormones and increases oxytocin, offering a sense of self-love and pleasure
        • Opens your heart and melts away pain, worry, frustration, and fear helping you to love yourself and others more deeply
        • Helps you feel connected to your body
        • Increases your breast and nipple sensitivity
        • Builds your sense of sensuality
        • Eases sore muscles when you include your entire chest in the massage
        • Improves your breastfeeding experience by promoting more milk production and preventing clogged ducts
        • Reduces risk of breast cancer by moving lymph, reducing cysts, and becoming familiar with how they feel

My Journey to Breast Health

For years, I was afraid to touch my breasts because they were so big and full of lumps. I felt disgusted and afraid of my breasts and I wanted them to go away. Unfortunately, they did. They shrunk two cup sizes. The fat dissolved but the cysts stayed.

Years later as a Massage Therapist, I started breast massage by intuitively exploring them. Through curiosity, I decided to massage my cysts. In the end, I dissolved all of my cysts. Fortunately, I did not get sick, and nothing bad happened. After, my breasts felt full, soft, and sensual. Because of breast massage, I went from hating my breasts to loving them.

Through breast massage, I gained sensitivity in my breasts and nipples. I learned how to touch myself like a lover and how to embody love through my breasts.

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How Do I Give Myself a Breast Massage?

Breast massage can be completely intuitive or you can use specific styles. In Minke De Vos’s book, Tao Tantric Arts for Women, she offers tons of different techniques. These vary from daily quickies to more dedicated breast massages that can be done on a weekly basis.

To begin with, warm your hands by rubbing them together before you begin. Use oil like coconut, almond, or jojoba oil. If you have any, add some essential oils like clary sage, lavender, or ylang-ylang. Start with holding your breasts in each hand and connect to your heart and your womb. Breathe into your breasts and feel them expand into your hands. Feel light enter through your nipples as you breathe expansion. With this intention, begin to move your hands in a circular motion.

Continue to massage your breasts as long as it feels good. Then let your hands move with intuitive energy, allowing them to explore your body. Allow yourself to get lost in the experience and pleasure of this sensation. When you are finished, give your breasts a good shake and hold them with your arms crossed. Finally, bow down to your breasts in gratitude.

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