The yoni is a vital energetic center for women. It is where we hold the power of creation, love, and sexual energy. We express our femininity from the yoni, which makes yoni massage essential in our full expression as feminine beings.

What is a yoni?

Let’s start with a quick overview of the yoni. It is the entirety of the female sexual organs. There is no name in the English language that covers the entire area so we borrow the Sanskrit word, Yoni.

Our yoni is where the process of creation begins and cycles through every month. It is where we bring life and birth into this world. It is where we experience pure bliss and ecstasy when connecting with a lover.

sex chakra

Lastly, our yoni is made up of soft muscular tissue. It is in our soft tissues that unprocessed emotions and experiences are held, eventually becoming stagnant energy blocks.

For example, when you wake up with a kink in your neck, how difficult or easy is it to go to work and do your job efficiently? To think critically and creatively, solve problems, and get along with the person who keeps letting you down? It feels impossible right? Tension is not only distracting, it blocks energetic flow, interrupting our ability to fully function at our greatest potential.

This is the same with the yoni. There is no difference between a kink in the neck and a yoni that has collected years of trauma, abuse, tension, and stress.

tense yoni

How does a yoni produce tension?

When your body is under stress, it develops holding patterns. Some people lift their shoulders and pull them forward, some drop their heads and slouch. When you sit at the computer you have a specific holding pattern. When you stand in one place, you have a holding pattern. We hold. This is a part of being human.

If you have a holding pattern in your shoulders, neck, legs, back, and face, you have a holding pattern in your yoni. Undoubtedly, there’s no difference.

yoni massage

Why is yoni massage important?

Yoni massage is critical in order to have healthy functioning sexual organs. When the tension is released from your yoni, energy flows, and you experience greater pleasure during sex and intimacy. As well, you may find a greater capacity and expansiveness in creativity.

We feel a deeper sense of ease and relaxation within our bodies with a soft yoni.

Many women experience pain during deep penetration. Although this may be considered “normal” because it is so common, it should not be accepted as such. This pain stems from tension or trauma (of any kind) trapped inside of the cervix. So yoni massage will release these tension areas.

How do I give myself a yoni massage?

Yoni Massage Tools

I suggest using a dildo, a yoni wand bought from a trusted, sustainable source, or a trusted partner’s fingers (done with love, intention, and confidence). Make sure your massage tools are clean before entering your vagina.

yoni massage

Another way to begin this journey is to start with a jade egg practice, working with the energetic centers inside of the yoni. I suggest joining a workshop or buying an instructional book like Tao Tantric Arts for Women by Minke DeVos. You can learn more about the jade egg practices by clicking here

Although it is advised that you use lubricants such as coconut oil, I suggest going natural. Explore your breasts and body to bring yourself into arousal. Not only will this stimulate your natural lubrication, but your body is now in a receptive state and ready to receive and release.

Massaging the yoni

I always suggest beginning with breast massage to stimulate the natural lubricants. Once you feel ready, begin to explore the outer labia lips and vaginal opening. Look for spots where you feel pain, tension, discomfort, or numbness. Add enough pressure to the spot that you feel the sensation, but are able to relax into it. Similar to trigger-point massage techniques, keep the pressure stable. However, do not push or create any pain, only firm pressure that feels healing. Direct your breath into the pressure.

Whenever you feel a release, let go and move to another spot. Move around the vaginal opening, and then in a spiral move up the vaginal wall towards the cervix. Repeat the process every time you find tension.

For the first time giving yourself a yoni massage, it may be enough to simply place the yoni wand inside of your vaginal canal. Rest and receive.

During this process, you may experience laughter, tears, intense sadness, or fear. Do not continue if any trauma arises. If that happens, seek a professional and do not continue alone.

Depending on various factors, the release can range in the feeling. It often can feel like melting into a sweet expansion. Because this work is so deep within the body, the differences you feel will be immense.

When you feel complete, rest for at least five minutes and receive the healing benefits.


More Benefits of Yoni Massage

      • Removes toxins and stagnant energy
      • Creates a deeper connection to your feminine body
      • Increases sexual pleasure
      • Deep relaxation
      • Reduces stress and anxiety
      • Enlivens your libido
      • Sexual empowerment
      • Deeper exploration of erogenous zones – know your body and what you like