When we live with the intention of checking in with our bodies before our thoughts, we are embodied.

This idea may seem illogical for those who are accustomed to analyzing situations and risks before making decisions. But from my experience, the body is what holds our deeper wisdom and memory. It is from memory that we maintain certain thought patterns and continue to repeat mistakes or behaviors that do not serve us. And memory is proven unreliable. So we ground down and inward to be embodied. You might ask, what am I going to get out of feeling my body more frequently? When we talk about being embodied, it is important to understand the benefits.

Here are 9 ways you will see your life improve as you become embodied.

1. Release the tendency to overthink.

You have developed a habit of going inward, feeling your breath bring you down into your body and ground into your intuitive power and guidance. Moving on and letting go of mistakes, events, or grudges becomes easier and less painful when you are embodied.

2. Greater awareness and presence.

This deepens your connection to life, your purpose on this planet, and to nature, including all beings. You feel more grounded and move through the world slowly.

3. Your relationships become more intimate.

As you connect more to the breath you receive the person who you are presently connecting with. Whether it is a friend, partner, person, or nature you feel them. You are no longer paying attention to what you will say, what you see, what you think, or what is on your to-do list. You are present, listening to their words, receiving their energy. Time slows down with the ones you love.

4. You catch yourself in harmful patterns that you were not originally aware

of because you now consciously, deliberately move in life.

5. Develop clarity and certainty in making decisions

no longer resorting to overanalysis and getting lost in the stressful back and forth of risk versus benefit.

6. Become more in tune with what serves your pleasure and reward centers

versus what creates long-term pain.

7. More easily stand firm in your boundaries.

This level of self-understanding and strength translates into living within your truth and purpose.

8. Increased intuitive guidance.

Your intuition comes from your heart, gut, and womb. You will feel your body talk to you, more clearly understand its language, listen to its messages, and follow the guidance.

9. When you are embodied you are more receptive.

Accepting and receiving compliments, love, help, and gifts comes with ease, even asking for help! Embodied living creates more joy and stability within yourself because you have a greater level of confidence in knowing who you are and what you stand for in this world. You are centered and grounded in your purpose in life, and you have unshakable love and appreciation for yourself that depends on nothing and no one. Learn practices to connect to your body in my online introductory course to Becoming embodied online course.   **Jocelyn is a feminine embodiment coach supporting women to connect more deeply to their bodies and to intimacy in the life and romantic relationships. To learn more about Jocelyn’s work, click here.