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As I continue in this human experience I witness my mind in a constant flow of evolution. I face fears and courageously move through life honestly and humbly, bringing me to learn and grow. Please join me in reading more of my thoughts and discoveries by visiting my blogs on Medium.

Divine Feminine Embodiment

embodying the divine feminine

When I began to feel the call of the Divine Feminine, I found myself attracted to this energy that empowered, enlivened, and radiated women and men. The yin to our world’s yang. An energy swirling at the base of our spine. Now that I have embraced and embodied the divine…

Self-love: How it Evolved Me

feminine embodiment

From teenage depression to drugs, sex, and alcohol in my twenties, I have evolved. This evolution began in my late twenties when I saw myself in the mirror and knew I needed to change. So I went to the extreme and ran to the Appalachian Mountains. Now, living in Guatemala I continue to be opened.

Shadow Work: 5 Benefits

feminine shadow

Have you ever heard someone say, “what you hate most about your friends is what you actually hate about yourself.” Well, I heard that over ten years ago and found myself face to face with my shadow when a friend unleashed a judging rage on another yoga teacher. It was the thing I hated most about myself…

Awaken Feminine Energy in 5 Steps

unlock feminine energy

How does the feminine show up in your life? Are you blocked from experiencing and expressing your emotions? Are you overly independent? Find out if you are spending too much time in your masculine and how to invite more feminine energy into your life.

Manifest Your Desires in 8 Steps

Manifestation happens in each moment. When we do the inner work to manifest, it happens internally, and then we begin to see our world shift.


Yoni Massage: What & How


Yoni massage is critical in order to have healthy functioning sexual organs. When the tension is released from our yoni, energy flows smoothly, we experience deeper orgasm and more pleasure during sex and intimacy.

Breast Massage: How & Why

sensual woman

Our breasts are the doorway to our hearts. They are where we open in confidence or cave in when stressed, worried, or afraid. Called the Bells of Love by Ancient Taoists, this is where our love shines through and connects the channels to the rest of our body, especially our womb…

How to Yoni Steam

yoni steam herbs

Yoni Steaming, also referred to as a vaginal steam bath, is sitting on a stool or chair over a pot of steaming herbs. A ritual that has been practiced in Africa, Asia, and Central America for centuries.