Embodiment Mentor Offerings

Become your own lover, learn how to find pleasure in the sensation of the breath, feel yourself let go and surrender in love.

Scroll down to learn about the different ways you can work with me as your embodiment mentor.

Jocelyn specializes in guiding women to connect to and be moved by the sensations of their breath. It is through the breath that we can experience deep physical intimacy. When you anchor into the breath your heart and body can softly open to receive and surrender. This is where the magnetism and polarity of sexual intimacy between two people take place.

In my embodiment mentorship offerings, we focus on first, practicing experiencing this intimacy within your own heart and body. Then, watch it moves you closer to love, bringing that to your intimate partner.

1:1 Embodiment Mentor

Jocelyn offers a 12-week 1:1 transformative embodiment mentorship program. Together we will use a combination of coaching and guided meditations and practices to deeply connect you to your body. From here, you will begin the process of transformation and sweetly bring that into your relationship.

Embodiment mentor

Heart Opening

Downloadable Bundle


An affordable way to receive an embodiment mentorship that can be used at your own pace, in your own time.

Includes guided feminine embodiment meditations and movement practices. This course will guide you into the experience of the breath to soften and receive the sensations of the heart. In this space, you will learn to experience surrender, and awaken the intimacy within you that yearns to be felt.

feminine coach

Becoming Embodied

Downloadable Bundle


For the woman who is just beginning to build a relationship with her body.

Are you beginning to dip your toes into the feminine? You know that to have the intimacy you desire you have to start feeling what’s inside, but it’s scary. It’s a lot to start feeling for the first time and to open to those blocks that have kept us safe for so long. This is a perfect starting point for you.

Beginning with this bundle offers you an embodiment mentorship at a comfortable pace.

embodied energy

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