Life Coach Offerings

Discover the version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of. Embrace your boundaries with gentle love and confidence. Reconnect with your body and sensuality. Ready to explore how we can work together? Keep scrolling to learn more about my coaching services.

Jocelyn specializes in guiding women to connect to and be moved by the sensations of their breath. It is through the breath that we can experience deep physical intimacy with ourselves. When you anchor into the breath your heart and body can softly open to receive and surrender. This is where our intuive wisdom comes through.

In my life coach offerings, we first focus on developing intimacy within your own body. Through time, as you commit to your embodiment practices, you will notice your heart and body soften and open becoming more receptive and surrendered to love and your own intuitive guidance.

1:1 Life Coach

A 12-week 1:1 transformative program.

Together we will use a combination of coaching, guided meditations, and home practices to deeply connect you to your body. From here, you will begin the process of transformation and sweetly bring that into your relationships and your life.

Embodiment mentor

Connect to Your Intuitive Guidance

Online Course


Includes 2 guided embodiment meditations and 2 movement practices.

Not ready for the full commitment of one-on-one coaching? These practices will support you in opening your body to get more in tune with your intuition and softening your body to better receive.

Download these practices to incorporate in your regular routine.

feminine coach

Becoming Embodied

Downloadable Intro Course


Are you just beginning to build a relationship with your body?

You are feeling the call to embodiment, but you don’t know where to start because feeling what’s inside can be scary and foreign and you don’t know what is going to happen? It’s a lot to start feeling for the first time and to open to those blocks that have protected us for so long.

So this is a perfect starting point for you.

This course offers you safe, easy embodiment practices that begin to get you acquainted with the body.

Downloadable so you can make a regular routine.

embodied energy

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