Improve Intimacy




Have you been fantasizing about deeper intimacy in your relationship?

Do you feel like you and your partner have become stuck on autopilot and the passion may never come?

In order to have the intimacy you desire, you must first discover your intimacy within.

Intimacy with lover

Have you participated in workshops and courses to embody the Divine Feminine and improve intimacy in your relationship, but feel like you aren’t finding the results you seek?


Enhanced intimacy with your partner begins with becoming intimate with your own body. Then, you can translate that experience into a union of love.


After so many years, various factors can block couples from reinvigorating intimacy in their relationships. Due to this, it can feel impossible to fix. So I take my clients from the logical mind of analysis into the guidance of the body’s deep wisdom.

What we long for in intimacy must first be opened and received within ourselves. Therefore, we come into the heart and allow the heart to guide us where we need to go.


Elated Woman Feminine Embodiment Coaching

My name is Jocelyn,

I teach women a new way of awakening the sexual intimacy that they long for in their relationship.

I will help you discover how to surrender in deep connection with your body and your lover. That moment where everything seizes to exist except for his kiss, his touch, his love for you, and yours for him. But this is art, a practice that is cultivated through your surrendered heart and intimacy with sensations of the body.

Working with me, you will learn how to connect to your breath to guide you in getting lost in sensation. To lose yourself in the sensual pleasures that are awakened with your breath. Experience true surrender and learn to fully receive his touch, his kiss, and his loving embrace.

Above all, learn to be intimate with your body, and I’m not talking about masturbation. Self-intimacy is feeling yourself from the inside out, being moved by the breath, and becoming open and receptive to love. This is where the polarity of the masculine and feminine will draw you together.

It is in this polarity of magnetism that you will enhance the intimacy that is missing with your partner.

Client Love

Even from my very first session with Jocelyn, I had a huge ‘Aha- moment’ that has continued to bring me insight and healing. Jocelyn's ability to guide me through my emotional, physical, and creative landscape and to bring awareness to how each part of myself weaves together was deeply activating and meaningful! I’m still continuing to source creative inspiration and greater capacity to follow through on my inspirations from Jocelyns' offerings. I recommend her to anyone seeking greater self-awareness, self-healing, and creative authenticity in their lives!


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