Are you struggling to make a big life-changing decision? Do you feel lost in all of the analyzing, constantly running through all of the possible scenarios, feeling like the one thing you know your heart truly wants is forever out of reach?

Contemplating changing careers, leaving your relationship, getting a divorce, or relocating to a new city, state, or country? Feeling in your heart that something in your life needs to change but you can’t figure out how?

I am here for you!

Do you feel like you have tried so many different types of holistic approaches and nothing is landing? Have you been down this road so many times for so long that you are beginning to look for ways to settle?

Maybe you have dabbled in various forms of alternative therapies, yoga, exercise, meditation, journaling, plant medicine, and other approaches and you have found that they all have helped you in your path, but you continue to find yourself a little bit lost and insecure of what to do to experience joy, contentment, intimacy, pleasure, sensuality, unconditional love for yourself, and confidence in what to do next or how to move forward in your life.


Elated Woman Embodiment Mentorship

My name is Jocelyn Diles,

I mentor women who are ready to live courageously in the creative flow of life.

Almost all of us reach a point in our lives where we feel like it is just not enough. For some of us, it may look like we have everything to the outsider, but in our hearts, there is a big hole and we yearn for more. 

In my mentorship program, we explore this hole in your heart by going into sensations of the body and open to let it show us what is in your path. This process is a journey of trust and surrender.

When you make the decision to commit to trust and surrender to your highest guidance, you are making the decision to openly receive the unknown. It is in the unknown that the right decision for you awaits.

As you move through this process you will observe the effortless changes in yourself. You will feel the energy shift around you. I will notice that you are different. Your confidence in your direction will grow because it will become more and more clear.

You will experience sensuality, love, joy, freedom, and your trust will grow immensely. You will begin to feel more and more whole.

This is not an easy process. It takes trust in yourself and trust in my guidance. But know that you are not alone. I have been here many times before and I have found that time and time again it is always when I come back to the guidance of my body that I find my wholeness, my joy, and my freedom once more.

Through this program, you will gain the tools to become grounded in clarity and connect to your body’s wisdom and intuition to courageously lean into challenges and adversity.


Client Testimonial

Even from my very first session with Jocelyn I had a huge ‘Aha- moment’ that has continued to bring me insight and healing. Jocelyns' ability to guide me through my emotional, physical, and creative landscape and to bring awareness to how each part of myself weaves together was deeply activating and meaningful! I’m still continuing to source creative inspiration and greater capacity to follow through on my inspirations from Jocelyns' offerings. I recommend her to anyone seeking greater self-awareness, self-healing, and creative authenticity in their lives!