Hello Beautiful, I am Jocelyn

Ready to unlock your full potential and embrace your feminine essence with confidence? Let’s embark on a transformative journey together. 

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As a life coach, I draw from personal experience, having risen from rock bottom to cultivate unshakable self-love, courage, and intimacy. Guided by the wisdom of my breath and body, I’ve shed my self-restraints and found ultimate freedom.

Similarly, I’ll empower you to explore your body deeply, releasing harmful patterns and conditioning. Together, we’ll uncover closed-off parts and awaken them to their fullest expression. Experience newfound confidence, trust, and intimacy with your body and life.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let’s connect.

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How I Became a Certified Life Coach

My journey of self-healing began in my 20s, marked by struggles with addiction, depression, and childhood coping patterns. Yet, from darkness emerged light, making me stronger, wiser, and more confident.

It all started in a yoga studio 20 years ago. A hug from my teacher opened my heart, releasing trapped emotions and offering solace in another’s embrace. This pivotal moment set me on a path of healing and purpose.

As I navigated new challenges, I delved into various practices like Zen teachings, meditation, therapy, and somatic practices. However, true growth came from hands-on experience as a Massage Therapist, healing my own pain and trauma.

Now, as a certified life coach, I hold this space for women and empower them to listen to their heart’s wisdom, breaking free from societal norms and fears. Let’s embark on a journey of courage and transformation together.

My professional background includes:

  • Massage Therapist for 10 years, specializing in pain and injury treatment & stress relief
  • Bachelor in Psychology with a minor in Sociology at CU Boulder
  • 20 years of yoga training
  • Meditation practitioner for 18 years
  • Certified Life Coach Training
  • Authentic Relating Leadership Training 
  • Workshops in Yogic Intimacy & feminine embodiment with David Deida, Nina Lombardo, and Lisa Page
  • Online Masterclass in the Dynamic Art of Interactive, Guided Meditation with Jack Kornfield
  • Accelerated Evolution Coaching recipient
  • Self-study, a life-long commitment to curiosity, humility, surrender, trust, and practices in unconditional love, understanding, and embodiment

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