Appreciate the abundance you already have, then manifest more

It takes true work to manifest our dreams, aspirations, and heart desires. We have to take steps and make moves toward creating the life that we want. But these are secondary to the work we have to do within ourselves.

When we do the inner work the manifestation happens internally, we shift our vibration, and the outer world follows. Creativity and inspiration move us in taking the critical steps necessary that will fulfill our intentions of manifestation.

1) Clear your mind

When we let go of reaching outward to satisfy our longing we come into the moment of our experience, into the pleasure of the moment. This is where the manifestation happens.
We do not have to do silent meditation retreats to get clear, it just takes a small commitment to yourself to spend some dedicated time every day to practice mindfulness and embodiment.

2) Believe and trust that you can manifest

Believe by envisioning the reality of what you are manifesting. Then, embody the feeling of receiving it in its truest form. Embody this belief by breathing it into your body with clarity of mind and the absence of doubt. Become the person you wish to be. Because the person that you wish to be, isn’t wanting, she is fulfilled.

Trust in yourself and your guidance that you are already on the path. Allow your trust to be felt so deeply in your body that you release the fear of not getting what you want.

Start exploring what fears are blocking you from the trust. Invite them in and thank them, for they originally evolved to protect you. Welcome the fear through your inhale, allow it to flow through your body in gratitude, then release it with each exhale. Continue until there is nothing left.

manifest in nature

3) What have you already manifested?

Sometimes we have to either look inside of ourselves or ask a friend for a reflection to see ourselves clearly. What have you manifested in your life so far?

Make a list of everything you can think of. Look at your life and see what makes you smile and what brings you joy. What makes you feel at ease? Notice what you have that other people want? What have you worked to get?

It is important to see what we already have manifested to know that we are capable of manifesting more.

4) Practice Gratitude

When we practice gratitude we are able to see and experience the abundance that is constantly offered to us. It also teaches us how to receive.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibration energies in this world. In Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book, “The Hidden Messages in Water,” he studied the effects that words have on water.  He wrapped words written on paper around a cup of water for a given period. Then they froze the water and took pictures of the crystals that had formed.

They found that the words and phrases that were negative made deformed crystals, and those that were positive like joy and “let’s do it” made beautiful, clear crystals. Compared to all of them, love and gratitude created the most intricate crystals. If our bodies are 70-80% water, what kind of crystals can we manifest in our field by making gratitude a daily ritual?

manifest with gratitude

5) Practice Receiving

The gifts that we want to manifest will most likely come in a form that is unexpected. So it is important to receive whatever comes.

The work here is to make a list of what you are good at receiving with gratitude and where you are challenged. For example, you may easily receive gifts, but struggle to receive compliments or acts of service. It is common for women to struggle with receiving compliments or acts of service because they feel pressure to return the compliment or favor.

Inded this is a great place to start. When you notice the discomfort in receiving, breath into it. See if you can allow it to transform and exhale it out. Allow your body to soften into the moment of receptivity. Surrender to this gift.

6) Recipocate through acts of service

Are you asking for more than you are giving? This does not have to be a sacrifice. It can be simple acts of intention where we go out of our way to support and empower others.

I recently met a man who is traveling the Americas in a van and everywhere he stays he picks up all of the trash. He cleans the areas he visits, leaving them more beautiful than he found them; without expecting anything to change.

Do what feels good or what feels important. Be careful not to give too much of yourself. Ask yourself, are you receiving as much as you are giving? Find the balance that feels good.

manifest in meditation

7) Write down what you want to manifest

…then change the language.

When we focus too much on what we want, simultaneously we focus on what we don’t have. Living in a future that doesn’t exist keeps you from being present with what you have right now. We only exist in each moment, and it is in each moment that we manifest.

Write it as if you already have it. Who is the woman who has manifested these things? How does she feel gratitude in this moment? Then read it aloud to the universe, burn it, and do not look back.

Living in want only leads us to fear, anxiety, and a lack mentality. So let go of what you want to manifest and trust that it will come. Writing it down places it somewhere else in your field so your mental space is free to focus on what is important in each moment.

9) Become the person who manifests

Write down what this person does in their life that draws these things in and maintains their life.

      • How do they talk?
      • What is their nutrition like?
      • Do they have a morning routine?
      • What do they do to relax, play, and build community?

Begin to do little things that invite these practices into your life. However, do not overwhelm yourself. Make small commitments that you can stick to, and remember, this is a journey.

the path of manifesting

You are a manifest master

All of these things will grow in time, all you have to do is start the process and it will begin to flow. Subsequently, there will be lessons for you to learn and challenges to overcome in this journey of manifesting. So make the commitment to yourself to stay in the present moment.

Embody a clear and present mind. Remember, the beauty in life is the journey, the destination that we fabricate does not actually exist.